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What Casey Gwinn is Saying Across America

"In America, we raise our criminals at home."  Casey Gwinn

"We can love trauma-exposed children at 8 or 9 or we can wait and lock them up at 17 and say we are tough on crime.  It is our choice."  Casey Gwinn

"If we do trauma-informed, hope-centered work, we help survivors of violence and abuse turn pain into power."  Casey Gwinn

"Police officers, prosecutors, and advocates working together creates the 'power of we' and simultaneously creates greater victim safety and offender accountability."  Casey Gwinn


Casey Gwinn Training Topics

Effective Investigations in Domestic Violence Cases

The Power of Evidence-Based Prosecution to Stop Batterers

The Best Homicide Prevention Strategies in America

Start a Camp and Save a Generation of Children

Effective Handling of Non-Fatal Strangulation Cases

Cheering for the Children: Creating Pathways to HOPE for Children Exposed to Trauma

The Power of We: Creating a Family Justice Center Framework in Your Community

Why Childhood Trauma is Our Greatest Public Health Issue

The Power of Collaboration

Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Professionals: Coming Together to Change the World

Trauma Informed Interviewing

Creating a Legal Accelerator and Meeting the Needs of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivors

The Science of HOPE in the Lives of Trauma Survivors

Why Every Organization in America Should Measure HOPE

Understanding Strangulation Violence in the Context of Sexual Assaults

The Power of Victim Advocacy


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"Casey is the most dynamic speaker I have ever heard."

"Casey Gwinn never disappoints as a speaker -- he made me laugh and cry in less than five minutes!"

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